Anastassia`s story of becoming a driven manager

Anastassia KravtsenkoHollandis oma õpinguid lõpetav Anastassia kirjeldab oma tudengikogemust niimoodi: “Täna olen ma kindel, et kui praegu oleks mul vaja jälle teha otsus, kas minna välismaale õppima, siis ma kindlasti teeks seda jälle! Elu ja õppimine Hollandis on kõvasti mu elu muutunud…”. Miks ta nii väidab, seda küsisime talt juba inglise keeles 🙂

Why did you decide to go to study in Holland?

I chose to go abroad and study in the Netherlands due to several reasons. First of all, Holland is known for its high quality education provided mostly in English and I quickly found a BA course that I was really interested in. Secondly, in comparison with other countries Dutch universities offer education for a reasonable price and I was considering it possible to find a job as locals mainly speak in English! Finally, coming to Stenden University of Applied Sciences I was looking for studying in an international environment with an opportunity to start up my international career as I always wanted traveling to be a part of my life.

How has studying abroad changed you as a person or changed your life?

It is hard to explain in several words how I have changed during my studies as I believe that my life is completely different now. Living abroad I got an opportunity to create my own experience out of it: my own accommodation, working environment, hobbies and interests. Now I know how I want to live and what are the most important goals that I want to achieve as studying abroad brings to you a lot of new people and puts you out of your comfort zone which is for me one of the most important things to become successful.

What are you studying in Stenden? Why did you choose it?

I am a 3rd year International Leisure Management student, which is a management course focused on trends within leisure industry.

I was searching for a degree in Events/Hospitality & Tourism industries and found a perfect mixture of all of them as Leisure Management includes such areas as Tourism, Media, Arts & Culture, Sports and Events.

What has been your favourite subject at Stenden? How does this lecture look like?

One of my favorite courses at Stenden was ‘Young Entrepreneurship’, where during the whole study year groups of 10-12 students had to start up their own company and lead their company to the top.

This was my first real life experience with opening a new company and it was very exciting and useful to learn so much on practice. I really believe that practical assignments brought to students at Stenden help a lot in understanding real life problems.

How would you describe your favourite lecturer in Stenden?

My favorite tstenden 1utor at Stenden was giving us workshops on Management Skills, which included a lot of role plays and discussions about managerial behavior. What I like about teachers at Stenden is that they are not called ‘teachers’, but ‘tutors’ and their main role is to lead you through your studies helping to develop your skills and not forcing you to do anything. All tutors are treating students as friends and it is very easy to find help when you need advice from a professional of the industry.

How does the studying look like and what makes it different from Estonia?

Studying at Stenden includes a lot of individual research and group work based on solving real-world problems. Most of the time, I am working on projects that involve collaboration with real companies from leisure industry or I am doing research on topics that I am personally interested in.

In comparison with Estonian education Stenden mainly focuses on practical or ‘hands-on’ approach, when studying in Estonia students would spend most of the time listening to lecturers and gaining theoretical knowledge. For me, it is very useful to be able to apply your knowledge on practice and it helps me to understand how to actually use the information I receive from the literature.

What are your plans for the future? How education from Stenden has supported you to find your career path?

Throughout my studies at Stenden I strengthened my passion for events management and also developed new skills and interests, such as marketing and promotion of the events. During the first phase of the education program at Stenden you go through all the different aspects of management and it is easy to understand which department you would be interested in to develop your future career.

Personally, I would like to continue studying business of events and in several months I am going on exchange program to a partner university to deepen my knowledge in music, sports and dance events. Further, I am planning to go abroad again for a 10-month internship at one of the events’ management companies to gain more experience.

I believe that Stenden gave me a strong base for my future career development and helped me to become a confident, motivated and driven manager.

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