Aleksandra: I absolutely recommend to visit the Universities.

Two weeks ago I had an amazing trip to the UK. I visited London, Bournemouth and Cheltenham (near Gloucester) absolutely alone and it was unforgettable experience! One of the main goals of the trip was to visit some of the universities where I had applied, so it would be easier to make up my mind about which one to choose. Aleksandra pic 5

My journey from Tallinn to the first town Bournemouth went on for 12 hours. Besides taking a flight I changed busses three times and the trip made me very worn-out, but beauty  of town and warm weather made me happy and fresh again. Unfortunately, I had only self-guided tour in Arts University of Bournemouth and all that I could do is to walk around and look at classes, where was no people because of holidays. University was very modern and fancy inside and out, so I was satisfied.

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Liitu meie uudiskirjaga, et olla esimene, kes meie uutest blogilugudest kuuleb!


Next morning I went to visit one of the campuses of the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham and arrived there at 2 pm. I sat down in a taxi and all 7 minutes that we went, I was sitting  with open mouth, because town was absolutely beautiful!!! White buildings, clean streets, amazing people and trees everywhere. I have travelled a lot, but don’t remember when I saw it all together like in Cheltenham. I had a very useful tour in the Campus: I could speak not only with the students or marketing manager or lecturer, but with all of them and it made my image of university clearer. I really liked the University and people who are studying or working there (with whom I had a chance to speak). After these two eventful days I went to London in the early morning and immediately went in Shoreditch district where had best shopping in my life.Aleksandra pic 2

Aleksandra pic 4So, just to sum up things I absolutely recommend to those two universities, if you have applied there – or visit your own universities! You will have chance to speak with British people and understand how mentally you are close to them or opposite. You will have chance to look at your future university and town, where you planning to stay for GOD 3 years and also chance to buy clothes, which you never find in Estonia 🙂

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If you want to go and visit your dream university, let Dream Foundation team know about it and they can help to organize the trip and make agreements about someone to take care of you during the visit:



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