Marii: Näide hulljulgest, kes jõuab igasse riiki.

Marii on see väga positiivses mõttes “hull” inimene, kes 19.septembril 2016 kirjutas, et sooviks minna Inglismaale magistrisse, seejärel 28.septembril tuli meile kontoisse konsultatsiooni ja kohe järgmisel päeval sai avaldus esitatud, 3.oktoobril tegelesime laenupaberitega ning 6.oktoobril oli tal juba esimene koolipäev Gloucesteri Ülikoolis, Inglismaal. Uskumatu, aga tõsi! Kõik on võimalik! Seda tõestavad ka tema varasemad seiklused. Järgnevas kirjatükis Marii jutustabki, kuidas tema teekond UKsse kulges. Enjoy! 🙂

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Hi lovely people, wasn’t sure whether to write this in English or Estonian, so just went with the international option. Hope that’s alright.

I did my undergrad degree in Tartu, Estonia in Physiotherapy. On my third year I decided to dedicate myself to sports, thus needed further education elsewhere, as it’s not an option here. To have some sort of an exchange experience prior to starting my postgrad, I went for an exchange semester in Madrid, Spain. Me and my best friend both applied and as crazy as it sounds we were both accepted to the same exchange program. What followed was the most insane 5 months in Madrid I could’ve ever wished for. Learning the extremely vibrant language, which I’m not gonna consider as a choice I made, rather than a necessity. You see, Spanish people DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH! I’m serious! However, it forced me to grow and learn, totally worth it. I assume I don’t need to specify that the student life there was waay more vibrant than the language, especially for two blond blue eyed girls…

Liitu meie uudiskirjaga, et olla esimene, kes meie uutest blogilugudest kuuleb!


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After Spain, I realized living abroad is expensive, with a capital E!! Hence, I went to sell books door-to-door with Southwestern Advantage in the USA. Let’s say, after that uni seems as easy as riding a bike.  So once again, got home, unpacked and packed to fly to England to start my MSc Sports Therapy course at the University of Gloucestershire. My mom was furious, for obvious reasons.

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At the moment I’m still on the course, as the postgrad courses in the UK are usually for a year and a half, but you get the option to do your placements at home.

I highly recommend this course of action, that I took (bachelor in Estonia and master in England). And since last year the student loan in the UK is also available for postgrad students, and the living expenses can be successfully covered with what you can earn in the book selling business during the summer. That summer really built my character, and set my values in life. Meanwhile, all who are studying something practical here, aka hands-on-stuff, then the UK is made for you. In my postgrad we literally had no lectures, only practical lessons.

Some funny things to get used to, like people driving on the wrong side of the road, kids still wear uniforms (as in girls wear skirts to PE..), people say sorry all the time, and are waay too happy considering that it literally  RAINS ALL THE TIME, loads of French people in the country, no jewellery allowed at uni (for medical students at least), girls can drink 10 pints of beer in one night and that’s ok etc etc etc. My personal favourite was that you have to have an English address to open a bank account but in order to get a tenancy agreement you need a bank account.. Well done England! 🙂 Other than that, all fun and games. Lovely people! Easy to travel to other countries from England as well, due to Ryan Air, plus, there’s Primark! Had a year full of incredible memories, wouldn’t change a thing.

Drop me a message if interested in Uni of Gloucestershire!

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