Maarja: graduating from uni in England

An incredible experience has come to an end! I remember applying to study in England at the end of High School and I was so anxious, scared and excited at the same time. Many questions running through my head. Could I get in? Will I pass my exams? Where do I find money? Where will I live? What if I don’t like it? What, where, how was all that scared me.

Then I received a card from the University of Worcester saying “Congratulations, can’t wait to meet you!”. I still didn’t believe I was accepted. I found 3 girls who were also going to the same University from Estonia and that’s how I got myself my first housemates. We grow together as great friends, helping and supporting each other at all times.

I still didn’t believe I was accepted to study here, for the first week I kept imagining how the lecturers wouldn’t find my name and be like “Sorry but what are you doing here? There must be a misunderstanding with you being accepted to study here!”. Everything from day one felt like a dream and I kept having butterflies in my stomach all day long, even when I went grocery shopping! Everything was so strange, different and cool. People were really friendly and helpful. I found so many friends and had so much fun. But of course it wasn’t just all fun and games, I also had to look for a job in order to live here, so managing studies, sports, social life, living costs and earning money was quite a challenge! But all that will be easy if you learn to manage your time effectively!

Second year coming back after a long summer break, I really felt like at home in Worcester. I reunited with all my friends, made some more, moved in with different people and had a very eventful second year! My final and third year in Worcester has been so busy, working on my final projects, developing a portfolio to start working in my desired area, having a part-time job, fencing and playing basketball and getting the most out of University experience, that including party’s!

Time flies! And I am so happy to have chosen to come to study abroad, to study in England, in Worcester. I have made so many friends around the world, I’ve met some of the coolest people on earth, I have had the best party’s in my life, I have worked on the coolest projects and there is still so much more ahead!

I am very sad to say goodbye to my University, and Worcester! But I’m very excited to conquer the world and carry on learning! Will see what the life has to offer next! And I have really had the best experience ever. If you’re thinking about studying abroad- do it! It’s the best thing you could ever do! Life’s awesome! Stop worrying!

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