Hey, I’m Anett-Estella and I came to study  in the UK in 2017. I am currently about to start my third and final year at the University of Worcester studying Human Nutrition. Moving to the UK has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have become so much more independent and confident. I’ve met so many interesting people, seen so much and I believe I will have lots of great opportunities after I will graduate.

I have always wanted to study abroad. After I finished the high school I applied the first time to different universities in the UK, but when the time came to decide wheter I’ll do it or not, I was so scared and hesitant and decided to stay and carry on with my education in Estonia but after one semester I felt something was not right and I still had my dream to move and study abroad. So then I decided to just follow my heart and I applied once again. This time I was serious about it and came to see the universities to make my final decision. I decided I want to study Human Nutrition because I had always been interested in human biology and health and it seemed something different and also, there was no such course in Estonia.

When I first came to Worcester I fell in love this city. It is relatively small, which makes it so easy to commute here, but at the same time it is big enough to go out or go for shopping or do some other activities. This city is a student city (1 in 10 of the residents here is a student). It has some nice historical architecture and also a beautiful river. It reminds me a little bit of Tartu in Estonia.

Before I permanently came here I was nervous but super excited at the same time. I came here with an open mind and I didn’t even know what to expect really. All the paperwork and moving here went pretty smoothly. I got some contact from DF and my first year I lived with other Estonian students which was great because they really helped me to settle in.

Immeditaely when I arrived I felt that I made a right decision. During the Welcome Week I met some really nice other international students and with some of them I still have great contact although we are studying in a different courses. I also have made some great friends among my own course mates. We  have done some travelling together. For example, with one of my friends we went to Amsterdam and we had a blast there.

Thanks to the friends here and their recommendations I found a job, which was really helpful for me and also a great opportunity to meet even more people. I have had couple of different part-time jobs here and they all have been a great experience and I learnt a lot.

Most of the tutors here are also super fun here. What I also like that there’s lots of practicals and everything is very hands on. As a science student I’ve had a chance doing experiments, such as, determining which nutrients a food product actually contains compared to what is says on the label (and trust me it’s not always accurate) till even dissecting the dead rat.

Time has flied so fast and I can’t believe that I am about to start my final year. I feel I have grown so much as a person, therefore, I feel I have so much more confidence now to think bigger and go some new adventures. I remember when I first came here I was so afraid to call my landlord, for example, and speak in English, but now it feels just so natural. My recommendation is that you have to take the initiative yourself and be proactive, go to different events, network and then you will make the most out of it, because those 3 years does go really quickly indeed.

If you have done lots of extracurricular activities there’s an opportunity in Worcester to enrol in the Worcester Award program. This year I achieved the Silver Award but next year I’m planning to do the Platinum.

I can’t recommend enough studying abroad if you have thought about it. It truly is an amazing experience, it will shape you as a person, you will make some great International contacts and it will really expand the way you see the world.

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Kandideerimiseks kirjuta: estonia@dreamfoundation.eu

An incredible experience has come to an end! I remember applying to study in England at the end of High School and I was so anxious, scared and excited at the same time. Many questions running through my head. Could I get in? Will I pass my exams? Where do I find money? Where will I live? What if I don’t like it? What, where, how was all that scared me.

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Kui idee Inglismaal õppimisest tundub ahvatlev, aga ei ole päris kindel, et millises ülikoolis õpinguid alustada, siis on ülikoolide külastamine just õige otsus. Üks viis on minna open days ürituse ajal ja osaleda ülikooli poolt korraldatud päeval, kuid ülikooli külastust saab ka eraldiseisvalt korraldada.

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Hi! My name is Madli and I’m currently studying in England in University of Bedfordshire where I’m doing my master’s degree on International Social Work and Social Development. I had wanted to study abroad already for a long time, but due to financial difficulties I wasn’t able to do that during my bachelor studies. When it was time to choose a masters course, I didn’t have to think for long whether to do it abroad or not. During my social work bachelor studies in University of Tartu I became increasingly interested in the international side of social work (e.g. work with migrants, refugees, trafficking victims) and since there weren’t any opportunities to study international social work in Estonia I started to look for programmes outside of the country. In the end I found a few courses on the subject around Europe and chose the one in the University of Bedfordshire.

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Tervist! Mina olen Madli ja õpin hetkel Inglismaal Bedfordshire’i ülikoolis rahvusvahelise sotsiaaltöö ja sotsiaalarengu erialal magistriõppes. Mul oli juba ammu soov välismaale õppima tulla, kuid kuna bakalaureuseõppes polnud see veel majanduslikult võimalik, siis tundus pärast bakalaureuseõppe lõppu Inglismaale üheks aastaks magistrisse õppima tulla üsna sobilik ja rahakotile samuti sõbralikum. Lisaks hakkasin sotsiaaltööõpingute käigus Tartu ülikoolis huvituma rohkem sotsiaaltöö rahvusvahelisemast poolest (nt töö migrantide, põgenike, inimkaubandusohvritega) ja kuna Eesti magistriprogrammides sellele osale nii palju ei keskendutud, siis hakkasingi otsima võimalusi väljaspool Eestit. Lõpuks leidsin Euroopas käputäie ülikoole, mis sellise suunitlusega programmi pakuvad ning üks neist oligi Londoni külje all asuv Bedfordshire’i ülikool.

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Olen on Kristiina Sau ja ma õpin hetkel NHL Stendeni rakenduslikus kõrgkoolis hotellindust. Oma kolmanda õppeaasta alguses otsustasin minna Hiinasse kaheks ja pooleks kuuks õppima, et omandada baasoskused äritegemise vallas ning tutvuda uue kultuuriga.

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My name is Kristiina Sau and I am currently a third year Hospitality student at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands. At the beginning of my third school year I attended the pilot minor “Doing Business in China”. I chose to do one minor abroad and then return to the Netherlands for a Rooms Division minor. After returning I was eager to share my experiences because it was truly a unique experience.

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Minu nimi on Kristiina Sau ja ma õpin hetkel NHL Stendeni rakenduslikus kõrgkoolis Hollandis (NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences). Ma lõpetasin Paide Gümnaasiumi aastal 2014 ja siis läksin edasi õppima rätsep stilistiks Tallinna Tööstusharidskeskus. See haridus meeldis mulle kuna see sobis minu loova olemusega, aga minus oli veel palju teisi külgi mida ma ei olnud arendanud. Seoses sellega läksin Tallinnas välismaal õppimise üritusele, kus osalesid ülikoolid üle maailma. Kõige rohkem äratas minu Hollandis olev Hague rakenduslik hotelli kõrgkool. Kuna mulle on alati meeldinud keelte õppimine, reisimine ja teiste kultuuride tundma õppimine tundus hotellindus minu jaoks ideaalne. Komistuskiviks just selle kooli valimisel sai nende keerukas sisseastumisprotsess, nii et hakkasin uurima teisi ülikoole mis oleksid rohkem välisõpilase sõbralikud. Pärast mõningate Hollandi sõpradega konsulteerimist sain teada, et NHL Stendeni rakenduslik kõrgkool, tol ajal tuntud kui Stenden, pakub samuti väga hea reputatsiooniga hotellinduse haridust.

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My name Kristiina Sau and I am currently studying hospitality in NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. I graduated Gymnasium in Paide in 2014 and then headed to study tailoring at the Tallinn Industrial Centre (Tallinna Tööstushardiduskeskus). However I always knew I wanted to go university at one point. I enjoyed my two years in Tallinn but I was ambitious for more so I attended an event with many foreign universities. The hotelschool in the Hague caught my eye as I found that I had many traits suitable for hospitality. I wanted to study something that inolved learned new languages, getting to know new cultures, travelling as well as obtain a practical bachelor’s degree.

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Hi! My name is Elis and about two years ago I thought it was a brilliant idea to apply to studying in Denmark. After submitting in a bunch of papers, doing skype interviews, getting into my top choice school I realised I am actually moving to Aarhus, Denmark.

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I think the main driver for me always wanting to move to England was my school (Tallinn English College) where the teachers for some reason always encouraged studying abroad and “spreading your wings”. And so I did in 2014. I attended the University of Portsmouth where I studied Criminology and Forensic Studies. I was totally out of my comfort zone – I did not have my mum to cook me dinner, wash my clothes, clean the house etc. But weirdly, I really enjoyed it. Read More

I was living abroad for the first time in 2006, when I went to the US as a 16-year-old exchange student to live with a local family. That’s where I caught the ‘travel bug’. Once I was back and finished high school in Estonia in 2009, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study and where. I decided to go to Australia and to be an au-pair. While I was in Australia, I started talking to someone who was studying marketing in Aarhus, Denmark. What really intrigued was the ‘hands-on’ study combining theory and practice – it was mandatory to have an internship in a company during your studies. Then, I heard about Dream Foundation in Estonia, an organisation who has many partner universities in Europe and further. I got some more tips from them and applied.

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